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The ItalianModa marketplace and its services

Since 2000 ItalianModa is the B2B marketplace of the Italian fashion companies. It helps any shop or boutique, wholesaler, fashion company or designer, online shop or flash sales site, department store, and buying group to get in touch with the best Italian manufacturers and brands of high quality Italian-made fashion products.

ItalianModa creates the ultimate meeting point between demand and offer, following a "win-win" scheme delivering real profits to both ends. No more time wasted in searching through the Internet for the right Italian suppliers: ItalianModa is the marketplace where you can find whatever you need, easily, quickly and free!

There are a wealth of services currently available, including:

  • find qualified Italian suppliers by browsing a large database of precise categories
  • querying a search box, using a powerful Search Assistant or running the advanced "Moda Advisor Wizard"
  • browse general or specific lookbooks with hundreds of sought-after Italian-made fashion products
  • get in touch with Italian companies through voice, fax, Skype and E-Mail or visit their virtual showroom to get a feel for that particular company and their products
  • browse full featured online wholesale catalogs showcasing ready-to-ship goods and place a safe order with low minimun requests
  • browse a special section to find clearance sales, overstocks and closeouts of "made in Italy" fashions
  • ask for free advice from the ItalianModa experts about certain product or supplier
  • find the next trade shows where you can meet the Italian fashion companies joining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace
  • visit the sister ItalianModa B2B MALL where you can find hundreds of fabulous products on sale by qualified Italian companies

Yes! You may browse the directories, run searches, submit requests, register with the marketplace, find and get in touch with new Italian fashion suppliers, place orders with the online wholesale catalogs, find clearance sales, get assistance to find and contact Italian companies for FREE!

A very little nominal fee is requested only when you want to deliver to ItalianModa a top priority request in order to make contact with some manufacturers as soon as possible ("Express Request").

Yes, if you are looking for exclusive Italian fashion products wholesale for your business, including qualified Private Label services to have your collection manufactured in Italy and associated with the sought-after "made in Italy" label. ItalianModa is definitely your right source: since 2000 it has been helping thousands of businessmen and businesswomen like you.

Any retailer, wholesaler, company, department store, importer, buying group and online store interested in high quality or very high quality Italian fashion products.

ItalianModa offers an unprecedented chance to buy "made in Italy" supplies directly from the manufacturer. This one benefit alone creates more choices and lower costs for even the small retailer. So, be sure to take advantage of the full range of services offered by ItalianModa to greatly increase your profitability!

You can use the "Express Request" option at the ItalianModa B2B marketplace.

If you are coming to Italy in a short time and you need to arrange some appointments with new fashion suppliers or if you need to get in touch with new suppliers because of an urgent business, you can purchase the ItalianModa "Express Request" option for a very modest fee to be paid by credit card.

Thanks to "Express Request" your enquiry will be reviewed with top priority and, if applicable, submitted to the Italian fashion companies joining the ItalianModa marketplace in 24 hours or even less.
You can request the "Express Request" service whe registering with ItalianModa or when sending a request to get in touch with one or more companies.

Italian fashion products and how to get them

The many online wholesale catalogs available through the ItalianModa B2B marketplace are your best tool. Each wholesale catalog is individually managed by an Italian manufacturer.

Before visiting each catalog you must register with it, filling a short form (the access link is on the sign-in page). Alternatively you can use the same username and password you already selected when registering with the ItalianModa B2B marketplace.

When using the catalog you will have a lot of available tools and services, including:

  • searching and browsing products
  • read product descriptions, data and reviews
  • ask for information about products
  • place an order
  • manage your own catalog of favorite products
  • ... and much more!

Each catalog allows payment by the major credit cards or bank transfers. Click here to find a comprehensive listing of wholesale online catalogs.

You can also visit the ItalianModa B2B MALL, the online wholesale shopping center where you can find hundreds of exclusive Italian fashion products sold directly by the manufacturers or brands.

If you want to purchase wholesale designer branded clothing and accessories (both past and current seasons) just register with the ItalianModa B2B marketplace and describe as precisely as possible what you are looking for. You can also visit the relevant product directory and submit a request to one or all the companies.

All the companies joining the ItalianModa marketplace offer authentic designer products only.

Most Italian fashion companies do not offer a dropshipping service. Some of them do, but usually they offer high-end products in categories such as leather handbags, men and women shoes, jewellery and handmade clothes and shirts.

As an alternative you can purchase wholesale from them,even small quantities, skipping any middleman.

Each Italian manifacturer has his own policy about minimum quantities per model, color or size. Usually such quantities are reasonable, but vary a lot according to the product type.

Companies usually do not sell one piece, but many of them offer samples (to be paid upfront) in order to let you appreciate their superb quality. Please enquire each of them about the topic, after you establish contact.

It depends on what you mean with "low cost", but the answer is usually "no". ItalianModa is a B2B marketplace where you can find just Italian fashion companies only. They invest a lot of money in style, designing and more and more advanced manufacturing processes. They use the best and safest materials along with environment-friendly regulations. More, they face a high labor cost because of highly skilled workers.

Read the ItalianModa Manifesto to learn more ...

All of this comes for a price. If you are looking for very cheap products (for example, a few dollars a piece), unfortunately the ItalianModa marketplace is not the right place for you.

Anyway, from time to time many Italian companies offer overstocks, seconds and past season products at reasonably low prices. Visit regularly the clearance sales section of ItalianModa to find them!

Usually you must trust your supplier. If you purchase from an Italian manufacturer or brand you can ask him for a signed declaration.

Most but all of the companies joining the ItalianModa B2B Marketplace manufacture their products in Italy. A few of them design and package the products in Italy, but most or the whole production is made elsewhere to have cheaper prices. In such a case the company will let you know this.

"Made in Italy" fashion products are really sought-after and very often the target of illegal activities. Many products currently available on the market come with brand names and labels remembering Italy (names, cities, monuments, colors of the Italian flag) but having nothing to do with our country. This is called "Italian sounding". You are deceived in thinking you are purchasing an Italian product.

An even more illegal behaviour is the use of faked "Made in Italy" labels. This is a crime and a scam against consumers willing to buy a genuine Italian-made product and paying for it.

Fighting such an illegal situation (feeding unfair competition and also criminal or even terroristic organizations) is a must to preserve the future of the genuine "Made in Italy" production.

If you want to be sure of purchasing authentic Italian-made products you should ask your suppliers for products protected by the revolutionary TRUE ITALY Tag. The TRUE ITALY service (developed by gives consumers the power to check personally and directly for the authenticity of the product, without simply trusting a label!

Learn more about TRUE ITALY ...

Yes! Most of the Italian fashion companies offer a Private Label service, if reasonable minimum quantities are met. Some of them are even specialised in Private Label and offer a high-level full service.

There are two main possible scenarios:

  1. you have your own design(s) and you want them manufactured with your own brand label by a qualified Italian company
  2. you select existing models from the Italian company's collection and have them customized with your own brand label

In both cases you can get high quality Italian-made Private Label products.

Shipping depends on the quantity of ordered products and destination country, as well as on speed of delivery.

Each Italian supplier can usually offer you different alternatives about shipping and you can choose the one you like more. Because of increasing shipping costs you would better place an order for larger quantities. In such a way the shipping cost per unit will be lower.

Please enquire your candidate Italian supplier for a quotation about shipping of the estimated quantity of products you want to order.

If you have a subscription with a delivery service you could consider to use it to move the products from the warehouse of the Italian manufacturer to your facilities.

The Italian suppliers always ship "ex-works". This means the buyer pays for shipping and ANY costum duty and/or local tax.

Costum duties and local taxes vary a lot from country to country, and depend on the product type too. You should enquire your local Chamber of Commerce or equivalent institution in order to get more information.

Each company has its own sales policy, so you would better enquire each of them about the available payment tools.

All companies accept bank transfers, while most of them also accept credit card payments (usually through PayPal).

The payment is requested before the shipment. If the products have to be manufactured after your order, most companies ask for an advance deposit about 30% of the whole order value (shipping excluded).

For additional confidence with the payment of a large order you could consider the use of a service like Escrow, but this requires an additional cost you have to pay.

Most Italian manufacturers offer samples of their products. Color (and size, if any) of the sample is usually chosen by the company after its availabilities, since the ultimate goal of the sample is to let you inspect the product quality and style.

You are requested to pay for the sample cost and shipping. Credit card payments are accepted by most companies. Enquire any Italian company joining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace about its sampling policy.

How to find products & suppliers

ItalianModa offers several tools to find the Italian fashion products you are looking for, and their manufacturers or brands.

For example:

  • find the product category that best describes the product or service you desire, then navigate to the related subcategories to find out the Italian companies offering it.
  • run a search from the search box in the top right part of each page or use the powerful Search Wizard. You'll get a list of companies or products matching your requirements, just that easily.

More tools and suggestions are available at this page.

Yes, you can!

ItalianModa helps you to find Italian fashion companies offering clearance sales from their past collections, at reduced wholesale prices.

Anyway, companies have overstock lots just occasionally and in limited quantities (they usually produce in small runs, so overstocks are quite rare). Once you get in touch with them through the ItalianModa marketplace you should enquire them regularly. Such overstocks are usually about "Made in Italy" fashion merchandise, so they are valuable. Don't expect to purchase them for a few Euro or dollars a piece ...

Overstocks of designer branded clothes and accessories are a different market. They are offered by specialized distributors and wholesalers dealing with that type of merchandise only. Many of them are members of the ItalianModa B2B marketplace, so you can easily find and contact them.

No. Usually this is not possible. Famous Italian designer brands have their own distribution channels and very strict sales policies.

You can purchase wholesale overstocks and closeouts or even regular collections of clothing and fashion accessories from such designer brands through several wholesale distributors joining the ItalianModa marketplace. These companies typically source large quantities of (past season) merchandise directly from the designer brands, and resell at discounted prices.

Those distributors deal with genuine, authentic designer branded clothing and fashion accessories, and you can purchase from them with confidence (anyway ItalianModa does not endorse any of them). They do not deal with counterfeits or knock-offs, and all the products are usually supplied with the original papers and certificates.

Yes! The companies joining the marketplace are qualified manufacturers or brands who passed a preliminary screening before getting the marketplace's membership.

Though ItalianModa does NOT endorse any of those companies (and it not responsible for what they say or do), there is no reason you shouldn't trust them. They are real organizations (often established many decades ago) that you can check at any time. Each member of the ItalianModa marketplace comes with all its identification and contact data, including the company's tax (VAT) code you can easily check online. You can find all of these data in the showroom of each company.

Those companies are serious and professional organizations, and they want to deal with serious customers. Mutual commercial benefits are the bottom line of fair business.

If you feel that sought-after Italian fashion products (which are usually more expensive than those coming from other countries) are the right choice for your business, you can do business with confidence with the companies joining ItalianModa.

More, if you want to gain their trust even better you should consider to apply for becoming a TRUSTED BUYER (application is for free).

No. ItalianModa does not provide any listing of Italian companies, so please don't ask for them.

The ItalianModa B2B marketplace works in another way. If you are a wholesale buyer seriously interested in making contact with qualified Italian fashion companies you can use the registration form or one of the many tools deployed at the marketplace to submit a request. It will be reviewed and, if applicable, later submitted to the best-matching Italian companies. Then each of them will answer you directly.

Alternatively, you can send us an E-Mail message with your request. Please don't forget to write all of your identification data (full name, name of business, street address and phone number) and a detailed description of what you are looking for. Without such data your request will be processed slowly or it could be even discarded.

You can apply for such a position through the ItalianModa B2B marketplace. Most of the Italian fashion companies joining ItalianModa are small-medium companies delivering the best in quality and style. Their products are really exclusive and sought-after. You could be really very successful in selling or representing them in your territory.

They welcome applications of new agents, representatives or exclusive resellers. They ask for seriousness, committment, and (possibly) a past experience in the same market.

Candidates may submit their application to the ItalianModa marketplace by E-Mail.

Applications will be reviewed and then delivered to the Italiancompanies best matching your profile.

Applications must include these details (if missing, they will be discarded):

  • your full name, business name (if any), street address and a verifiable phone number
  • a comprehensive resume (CV). If you had past experiences with fashion trading, please describe them in-depth
  • the categories of fashion products you are interested in representing

 Please send your application by E-Mail.

We can help you to get in touch only with those Italian fashion companies currently joining the B2B marketplace. If they don't, we cannot be helpful.

Popular fashion designers are not members of the marketplace, so you cannot get in touch with them through us. Anyway, several companies joining ItalianModa resell branded merchandise wholesale.

Taking advantage of ItalianModa

In due modi principali:

  • se producete o distribuite nell'ambito del sistema moda e siete interessati a farvi trovare da buyers e distributori internazionali per acquisire nuove opportunità commerciali sui mercati stranieri, fornendo anche visibilità al vostro marchio, l'adesione al marketplace B2B ItalianModa è sicuramente il vostro migliore (e modesto) investimento. L'adesione è aperta solo ad aziende italiane che rispondono a precisi requisiti ed ècomunque subordinata ad accettazione. Per maggiori informazioni vi raccomandiamo di visitare l'apposita sezione all'indirizzo 

  • se siete un negozio o un rivenditore interessato ad acquistare all'ingrosso prodotti italiani nell'ambito del sistema moda, potete usare ItalianModa per trovare, selezionare ed entrare in contatto con nuovi qualificati fornitori. E' sufficiente eseguire una ricerca, navigare nella directory delle aziende oppure contattare direttamente ItalianModa per assistenza. Per vostra comodità potete usare la versione in lingua italiana del marketplace ItalianModa, all'indirizzo

In many ways! Finding many suppliers for the product or production you have been looking for can save an incredible amount of time and money.

  • Get your information more quickly and easily from one comprehensive site. Time is money!
  • Compare different proposals from real "made in Italy" companies manufacturing high-quality sought-after items.
  • Find products you can't find anywhere else, while buying directly from Italy. No "middle man", no commission to pay, no more exorbitant prices!
  • Get the best price coupled with the highest quality possible.
  • Become more competitive with high-quality "made in Italy" products. Leverage the Internet to beat your competitors or to get their same supply sources with better prices.
  • Place an order for ready-to-ship products (clothes, knitwear, footwear, fashion accessories, leather goods, hosiery, lingerie, eyewear, jewellery, home textiles, etc ...) with one of the many online wholesale catalogs accessible through ItalianModa. Buy just what you need direct from the manufacturer, with low minimum lots and great wholesale prices!
  • Evaluate the products you are going to order: get a sample, check the quality, place your order: that's it!
  • Find lots of high quality overstocks and closeouts in clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, leather goods and designer branded merchandise. Purchase great "made in Italy" products at real bargain prices. Sell them via your local market and watch your profits grow!
  • Find an unprecedented range of Italian-made fashion products and Italian suppliers. New companies join weekly to let you find more and more business opportunities!

Yes! If you are interested in selling sought-after Italian fashion products in your new shop, the ItalianModa B2B marketplace is the perfect place for you.

You can get in touch with a lot of Italian suppliers who can help you to source the best for your shop. Purchasing wholesale from the manufacturers will allow you a larger choice of exclusive Italian-made products at lower prices. This means you will be much more competitive than the other shops in your area.

If you are interested in franchising, some companies offer interesting solutions to have a branded Italian-looking shop, quickly and easily. More, you can even consider the innovative franchising programme proposed by ItalianModa.

Anyway, before contacting possible new Italian suppliers (through the ItalianModa marketplace) it is advisable to have pretty clear ideas about what your shop will sell. More, an approximate idea about the wholesale price range you and your client target can afford are important information to provide in your request. Without detailed information, many Italian companies could discard your request.

In addition to getting in touch with Italian companies, fashion buyers may place orders directly in many online wholesale catalogs individually managed by Italian suppliers. Make a search or browse a catalog, choose what you need and place a secure order in a matter of minutes. Get your supply quickly and at lower costs: get more profit buying from the source, in Italy!

You may also visit the Clearance Sales section where there are outstanding fashion overstock lots at discounted wholesale prices. Buy bargain supplies of "made in Italy" fashion accessories, clothing, knitwear, shoes, handbags, leather goods, jewles, fashion accessories and much more. It is a great money-making opportunity for your local business.

ItalianModa operates 24 hours a day from its headquarters next to Como, Italy. If you need help please feel free to contact us.

The ItalianModa listing of companies grows weekly. It is very possible that if you don't find an Italian company manufacturing, or a particular product at the time you read this you'll find it tomorrow! This means you should keep visiting the ItalianModa B2B marketplace regularly.

More, the Italian fashion companies joining the marketplace showcase just a fraction of their current offer. We strongly recommend you to enquire them about the products you are interested in. Please remember to be as specific as possible when writing your request.

Try also: send an enquiry to ItalianModa by E-Mail

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